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Thanksgiving Day, 2010, and much to be thankful for. Earlier this year one of my first guitar students from years ago found me on Facebook and asked if I was still teaching- his nephew Brandon wanted to learn to play. Other than my super-gifted nephew, Jeremy, I hadn’t taught for awhile and felt rusty. So I suggested a couple excellent local teachers and thanked him for thinking of me. It was great to be remembered after such a long time.

Chris sent back a message insisting that the rust would come off fast, would I please think about it- he really thought Brandon should learn from me. Of course this was extremely flattering- any teacher would’ve loved to hear that! Teaching wasn’t on my radar at the time, but the idea fastened on tight. We decided to do a free trial lesson and figure it out from there.

I loved that first lesson. It felt so good to be teaching again- I’d forgotten how great it feels to help someone learn to play, especially when they’re new to the instrument, filled with enthusiasm and eagerness. A rich gift had been given back to me, and right away I knew I wanted to teach again- thanks to a student I remembered fondly but didn’t think I’d hear from again!

Now I have several students, adding more, building my teaching business, expanding my own guitar skills. An unexpected second wind in my musical and vocational life that I’m most grateful for.

To all my guitar students, thank you so much! It’s a joy and privilege to work with each of you. Keep learning and growing, keep playing- and enjoy your musical life!

Happy Thanksgiving!!