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Just uploaded my first article to the brand new No Strings Guitar Studio blog- “Getting Great-Sounding Chords.” This is a one-sheet explanation and checklist for new players who are struggling with getting chords to sound clear and clean. There’s a short checklist at the top of the page, followed by more in depth explanations. Handy to have near you when you’re in the early stages of learning to play. There are several specific finger adjustments that will help you get the sound you want from your chords. Take time to play through each chord one string at a time to find out where your trouble notes are on each of the chords you’re learning. Then use the “Getting Great-Sounding Chords” checklist to troubleshoot which finger adjustments will help you get clear sound instead of string buzz or unintentional muting.

Keep after it- practice in a focused way for 15 minutes at a time when first starting out. These short, focused sessions will give your fingertips a chance to toughen up- then you can go for longer practice sessions which will help you to advance faster. After two or three weeks, depending on whether or not you’re practicing daily, the soreness will leave your fingertips and you’ll be on your way to playing real music!